Empower women to avoid prostitution


IF we want to address prostitution, let’s, start at the top by arresting and prosecuting all male workers and government department heads, company executives and politicians who are paying for sex and end up bringing sexually-transmitted-infections home to their wives.
Provide a safe place for our women and girls to be educated and freed from poverty.
Provide incentives for better economic alternatives.
Empower our women and girls to till the land and engage in business activities so that they are freed and not used.
Prosecute the working-class women who sell their bodies for sex in offices and hotels for extra money.
It is time to liberate those living below the poverty line who are forced by circumstances to sell their bodies for sex.

Walk in their shoes


  • This issue requires an indept study to understand the real reasons why women choose to become prostitutes. What is the determining factor? Why do men run after prostitutes when they have a stable wife and family with children?

  • Prostitution is here to stay. Always has and always will be. Get on with your life…..there are better things to do than to focus on something you can’t find an answer for.

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