EMTV turned on again in Jiwaka

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The National, Friday 7th June 2013

 PEOPLE in Jiwaka can access EMTV again after the provincial government paid K48, 696.30 to restore the service.

The province has been without the service for more than four years after the Western Highlands provincial government failed to pay the bills.

Governor Dr William Tongamp said the service was vital for the people so that they could watch and know events here and overseas.

Tongamp said Jiwaka and Hela needed the support of everyone to lift services.

“These are the two new provinces and they will need the support from everyone to see development and changes. With the services like EMTV now being restored in Jiwaka, I will make sure other services can also be made available.”

Tongamp thanked the administration staff for their cooperation in bringing the service back to the people.

He also thanked the Finance Department IT staff for ensuring that the province could now witness the first cheque printed to pay EMTV.