ENB asked to do more

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The National – Wednesday, June 15, 2011

EAST New Britain has been challenged to take on the responsibility to fully realise the desired output of sexual health programmes.
Deputy provincial administrator for policy planning and evaluation Bernard Lukara challenged the division of health when officially opening a joint PNG-Australia sexual health improvement programme (PASHIP) peer review and programme reference group two-day conference in Kokopo last Thursday.
 “The onus is on us to uphold and employ the best strategies to fully sustain projects that are very vital to service delivery,” Lukara said.
PASHIP focuses on reducing the spread of sexually transmitted infections and HIV.
It is supported by AusAID through the Burnet Medical Institute of Australia and will be phasing out next year since its inceptions in 2007 piloted in eight provinces including East New Britain.
The programme is now being monitored and reviewed as part of its exit phase, which includes identifying possible ways of sustaining the project.
The recent two-day conference in Kokopo was held to address the issues of improving sexual health programmes and implementations activities in accordance with the Health Department plan.