ENB clamps down on abusers of govt vehicles

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THE East New Britain administration has put in place an operation to clamp down on public servants misusing government vehicles after hours and alleged abuses by officers.
Administrator Akuila Tubal, in a statement, said the administration would continue to enforce its current provincial transport policy to ensure that all vehicles bought by government funds were fully used for the right purposes.
He said: “The government’s fleet of vehicles must be used for the right purposes during working hours and not only to properly look after it but also direct it to achieve results to better improve service delivery.”
Tubal said these assets were very expensive and purchased with public funds to be managed effectively for better results.
He said there were many government vehicles operating in Kokopo and whether they were bought by the districts, or the provincial government, they were still government assets.
Tubal reminded public servants to be wary on how they used the vehicles as the public would get the impression that the government was spending so much money on so many vehicles while roads and other infrastructure were deteriorating.
He warned that police and transport officers would continue to monitor movement and use of government vehicles to ensure the transport policy was complied with.
He said public servants who did not comply would have their vehicles impounded.