ENB college gains national recognition

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THE East New Britain administration has signed an agreement to support the Bismarck Teachers’ College to be nationally recognised.
The government is yet to recognise the college which has been training elementary and primary school teachers for the past 13 years.
The ENB government and administration resolved in its recent executive council to support the college in training teachers to cater for the increase in schools.
Provincial administrator Wilson Matava said one of their priorities was to support institutions in the province.
He thanked the Catholic Church for setting up a campus for the Divine Word University faculty, the Seventh-Day Adventist Church for the Sonoma College, UPNG open campus, UNRE and the United Church for setting up the Gaulim Teachers’ College.
Matava said they used to send ENB’s elementary and primary school teachers to other parts of the country.
Linus Vairop, a director of the Bismarck Teachers’ College, said it was a milestone achievement after 13 years.
“I salute Matava and our political heads that have seen the importance and vitality of why this institution needs to be further developed and assisted,” Vairop said.

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