ENB college hosts 54th fete day

Islands, Normal

The National

THE outgoing and last Grade 12 students of St Peter Chanel Minor Seminary College at Ulapia, East New Britain province, hosted an exciting and fun-filled fete day last Saturday, attracting families and youths.
This was the 54th Chanel Fete Day since it was introduced in 1955 when the school was first established.
Since the seminary will be changing its status to be part of the Major Seminary (Rapolo) next year, this year is the last year the school will be graduating its Grade 12 class.
The fete day at the evergreen schools grounds, featured activities such as spin-the-wheel to win prizes, a dart competition, throwing hoops into targets to win prizes, barbeques, a cake and ice-cream stall, a book shop and selling of plants and vegetables.
For the families around Kokopo, it was a good time to mingle and get together with friends.
Children and youths visited diffrent stalls with coins in their hands to either try their luck on some of the games offered or to grab a bite of the barbequed food, ice cream and cakes.
Principal John Maidang said the fete, organised by the last 54 Grade 12 students, proved successful and even though the crowd was smaller, the people managed to spend more on the stalls and games.
There was also a major raffle draw with prizes sponsored by Brian Bell, Spirit of Rabaul, Esco, Rapopo Plantation Resort, Kokopo Village Resort and others.