ENB faces blackouts

Islands, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 31st, 2012

FAMILIES and businesses in East New Britain have been experiencing power supply disruptions since last week caused by broken power lines.
PNG Power Kokopo branch business mana­ger Chris Wakuku said people living in Rabaul, Kokopo, Kerevat and Warongoi had been badly affected by the disruptions.
“This is due to fallen tree branches and trees damaging power lines causing a breakdown on our main transmission and distribution lines,” he said.
He said there were also some technical problems at the main Warongoi power station last Wednesday which cut off power supply from the hydro-power station.
And that resulted in load-shedding in some areas.
He said normal power supply was being supplied to the affected areas­ from Ulagunan and Kerevat power stations. But the two stations could not supply all the power requirements.
Wakuku said strong winds continued to be felt in the province and power supply could be disrupted further.
He said workers were working around the clock to restore power supply to the affected areas.
He urged people to keep clear of any fallen power lines and also not to light fires near the wooden power poles.