ENB head teachers learn more about email, internet


A TOTAL of 243 head teachers of primary and elementary schools in Gazelle in East New Britain (ENB) attended a three-day training on “my school application” (MSA).
The training was coordinated and facilitated by the ENB education management information system (EMIS) officer John Kusunan.
Kusunan said the purpose of the training was to help head teachers learn how to use internet and email.
He told The National in Kokopo that it was a requirement by the Education Department that all teachers must know how to use internet and emails.
“We also help created an email address for those head teachers who don’t have an account.”
One of the participants and the head teachers for Vunapalading Primary School, Nerius Marum, said as participants they would not deny the fact that, despite of this new internet programme they were able to acquire and achieve added knowledge especially on MSA.
“Participants are now being certified and commissioned to go out implement what we have learnt,”he said.
Similar training was conducted for head teachers in Kokopo, which more than 1000 teachers attended the one day training at Kalamanagunan Primary School last Friday.
Training for head teachers for Pomio is expected to be held by end of this month.
Kusunan said three districts in the province were covered in terms of training except Pomio.
He said that was why it was a priority for the EMIS team to conduct training for head teachers in Pomio schools.
He said, however, the ENB education office did not have enough funds to send officers to conduct training there. “I am making an appeal to the Pomio administration to assist us so that we can travel there to conduct training for head teachers as it is important they must know how to use internet and email.”