ENB keen to foster partnership

National, Normal

The National – Wednesday, December 22, 2010

EAST New Britain administrator Aquila Tubal has affirmed that the provincial administration will continue to embrace the public private partnership (PPP) concept.
Tubal said, in doing so, the administration would also provide a conducive environment for investment opportunities.
During his final remarks at the farewell gathering of the provincial corporate team (PCT) last Tuesday, Tubal announced that his administration would ensure that partnership in development would be sustained in order for the public service, in partnership with its various stakeholders, to achieve effective service delivery.
Tubal said the developer in the Lassul area, Nautilus Minerals, had chosen ENB from other provinces in the country because of its potential and the good working relationship it had with the government.
Tubal said not all public servants could achieve all the development and implementation requirements for the province to progress but that  other investment partners who could deliver were being sought to assist through partnership programmes.
He said the community within the Lassul area would benefit in the long run and appealed to the educated people in the community to also become agents for development together with public servants so that  the PPP concept was moved forward.
Tubal said the road linking Lassul boasted the Talele group of islands which was a potential tourism area that the administration had been liasing closely with landowners so that a package could be finalised to develop the atolls into a major tourist attraction site.
He added that Nautilus, being in the area, could be a pull factor for such development opportunities.
During the PCT meet, the administrator and his officers also presented gifts to the mothers and children at the Lassul aid post.
Tubal said this was done to signify the spirit of Christmas and also to remind public servants to ensure that they spent time with their families during the 10 days shut down for the public service.