ENB managers praised for pushing reform

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The National- Thursday, January 20, 2011


THE East New Britain provincial administration has been commended for its efforts in continuously looking for a better model to reflect the policy initiatives of Governor Leo Dion’s government.

These remarks were shared yesterday by deputy governor Boniface Setavo at the local level government managers and district administrators second annual conference at the Kulau Lodge in Rabaul.

Setavo, who spoke on behalf of Dion, said he was proud that the province had been a pacesetter in a lot of aspects of development, one of which had been the changes to the Organic Law on provincial governments.

He said although this reform came into effect only nine months after the volcanic disaster in 1994, the provincial government was able to put together a strategy for its implementation.

He said that although ENB had been one of the provinces which had wanted a bit more debate on the constitutional amendments, it had been interesting to note that there was progress on the implementation of the reform.

This progress, Setavo said was a sign of the province’s determination in continuing to deliver services to the people regardless of whatever changes that had been continuously introduced.

One of initiative, he said was been the strengthening of the planning and budgeting process.

This, he said had inevitably indicated the need to re-define the roles and responsibilities of the different levels of government as per the new determination.

Setavo said this was the reason why the conference was critical and essential not only for LLGs as the focal point of delivery, but for all members of the administration, districts and councilors.

The forum, he said, should focus on teamwork among all involved in the service delivery chain through performance in their respective responsibilities, with the view to complement all stakeholders.

He challenged the LLG managers to continue in striving for the best to serve the people.