ENB police start special ops

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The National, Thursday 11th April, 2013

 POLICE in East New Britain will begin special operations tomorrow to maintain peace and harmony in the province.

Povincial commander Supt Anthony Wagambie Jnr pledged to take a zero tolerance approach to crime.

“Having served for six years in a province which used to carry these values, but has drastically declined in the last five years, due to indecisive and lack of leadership at the highest level, I am taking on a zero tolerance approach to crime in East New Britain,” he said.

Wagambie has directed Kokopo police to kick-start the operations aimed at clearing the streets of drunkards and road blocks and checking vehicles for intoxicated drivers and passengers consuming alcohol.

“This operation is aimed at keeping order in the community before this type of illegal behavior becomes a norm,” Wagambie added.

Regarding the two cases of pack rape in the Rabaul area, the commander said he would be receiving an updated brief on the matter.

“The suspects are known and have fled their homes after the incident.

“They are still on the run but I have directed the station commander at Rabaul to put together a plan and a special investigative team from Rabaul and track down the suspects and have them arrested,” he said.

“I will not allow these rapists to run free.”

Wagambie said in both operations, they would be assisted by the mobile squad from Tomaringa. 

Since taking up the post as the provincial commander in ENB, he has observed the environment to be very peaceful and with the people living harmoniously.

“Many problems are addressed and dealt with amicably by the village leaders and councilors.”

This has taken a huge workload off the police who mainly attend to major incidences

“One of the driving factors behind this is the delivery of services to the people by the local members of parliament, provincial government, LLG presidents and councillors.”

He said the business community was also very supportive in initiating and sponsoring activities at the community level.

“In general, the people of East New Britain have respect for each other and are law abiding,” he observed.