ENB president backs O’Neill government

Islands, Normal

The National, Tuesday 20th December 2011

A LOCAL leader in East New Britain has said citizens should unite and support the government to see the country through to next year’s election.
Kombiu LLG president, Komit Kunai said Rabaul Open and East New Britain had suffered from massive corrupt deals that had deprived them of funds for development projects and programmes in the past.
There was no guarantee the
Somare-Abal government would investigate corruption allegations, he said.
“The O’Neill-Namah government has made a drastic decision to establish the task force
sweep team which has exposed corrupt deals and practices,” Kunai said.
It was important for the Constitution and the laws to be upheld.
The government had proven their leadership credentials in the past four months and should be allowed to rule on.
“The people of ENB and Rabaul especially are in full support of the O’Neill government as they have proven to be a government that has stood up against corruption.
“The Somare dynasty should end today.
“While I respect the integrity of Sir Michael, the young
leaders around him have
dragged him into losing the reputation he has built up over the years.”
Kunai said Papua New Guinea should rise and stand for what was right.