ENB self-rule ‘taking too long’

The National, Friday July 22nd, 2016

LEADERS in East New Britain have lost track of the quest for autonomy powers from the National Government, a former parliamentarian says.
Former premier and Member for Gazelle, Sinai Brown said ENB’s regional member Sir Leo Dion, as the Minister for Inter-Government Relations and Deputy Prime Minister, had failed the province by fighting for autonomy.
“Autonomy for ENB and New Ireland should have been done a long time ago, Brown said.
“It is taking so long because I do not think people in position know what autonomy is.”
Brown said both provinces have got it right and under the Organic Law all districts should also be autonomous.
He said ENB had the constitution and instruments for an autonomous government and there should not be any delays in granting autonomy powers to the province.
“Autonomous responsibility means growing your economy how you want to and not anybody telling you how to do it, that is the crux,” he said.
Brown said sadly the ENB’s internal revenue had decreased.
“Our economy is not growing; we are waiting too much on Waigani to feed us and we are not feeding ourselves. We are allowing somebody else to grow us,” he said.