ENB social group unveils news online

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The National, Thursday July 11th, 2013


A SOCIAL group in East New Britain launched ENB news online last Friday.

The group, East New Britain Today, launched the voice of the people, A Kalivuvur, which means a strong wind in the Kuanua language, in Kokopo.

This project of the group has more than 2,000 members throughout the country and abroad.

Former governor-general Grand Chief Sir Paulias Matane launched A Kalivuvur at the Gazelle International Hotel, witnessed Sir Ronald Tovue and prominent cultural and tourism leader in the province, Mellie Paivu.

Speaking at the launch, ENBT’s team leader Apisai Jubilee said the launch of A Kalivuvur marked a special occasion.

“A Kalivuvur is our brainchild, our name, our exposure to the world, our media outlet that will blow as the wind into the hearts and lives of the people. It will assist in building our province to be a leader in PNG and will blow our tradition and livelihood to many around the world,” he said.

Jubilee said A Kalivuvur was aimed at seeking factual, transparent advice and information from the people that “make it happen and inform the people that get affected” by these decisions and how best they can align or disapprove such.

“In a way A Kalivuvur will try to bring our government representatives as close as possible to their people so that we can all have passionate, meaningful relationship and be satisfied that we are served and our wellbeing highly considered,” he said.

Jubilee urged ENB MPs to support A Kalivuvur as it would be an avenue for them to keep in touch with the people they represented.