ENB takes steps to crack down on crime


EAST New Britain has long been a safe province with a conducive environment for business and will not tolerate any criminal activities, Governor Nakikus Konga, pictured,says.
The recent criminal activities ranged from shoplifting, bag thefts to armed robberies.
The most recent armed robbery attempt at the Tropicana shopping mall in Kokopo was foiled by the quick response from police and city residents.
Konga said there was a lot of concern among provincial leaders and the police were told “to come down hard on any one posing a threat to the law and order of the province”.
Konga told the first provincial assembly that East New Britains were peace-loving and always respected the law.
He said criminal activities would be detrimental to the million kina tourism industry.
The assembly has resolved to find ways to beef-up police manpower in the province to curb crime.