ENB teachers’ college students get laptops

National, Normal

The National, Thursday October 31st, 2013

 MORE than 200 students of the Kabaleo Teachers’ College in East New Britain have been given a laptop each to enhance their studies.

Most of the 225 fulltimers were second-year students at the campus.

Principal Dr Paul Passingan said the development of Information Communication and Technology (ICT) in the college was part of the development of the campus as a contemporary teachers’ educational institution that was well-equipped to prepare its graduates to be fit and able to meet 


“We believe that the development of technology is moving forward and challenging educational institutions to adapt to changes to move forward,” he said.

Passingan said the institution was following in the footsteps of Divine Word University (DWU) with which the OLSH Kabaleo college was affiliated.

“We are, at the pesent time, also preparing to fully amalgamate with DWU in 2015,” Passingan said.

He said the concept of issuing laptops to senior students was a way to develop ICT at the campus in a big way, adding it also played an important role in teaching trainers and upcoming teachers to be effective in “now technology.”

“They graduate with a laptop each. It isn’t free, but has been given to them at a very affordable price of K1300. 

This covers both the hardware, operating system and pre-installed softwares from DWU,” he said.

Passingan said students would find the laptops pretty useful for learning and reseach purposes to deliver better education.