ENB to fourth

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Team East New Britain struck a motherload with six golds and a silver in taekwondo yesterday to leap into fourth place from 12th spot on Monday.
It was a temendous boost for the New Guinea Islanders who after a slow start to the Games.
In bodybuilding the preliminary pose downs at the Moresby Arts theatre provided a perfect stage for muscles to be in the limelight with teams from the highlands in particular wowing a responsive crowd.
Bodybuilding and the combat sports took centre stage on day five of the PNG Games yesterday as fans  flocked to see the action in the ring and on the stage.
Other sports that also drew large crowds were touch rugby, soccer and athletics.
The Sir John Guise Indoor complex hosted the amateur boxing during the day and kickboxing afterward and fans were treated to a good standard of fights with all competitors giving all for their pronvinces.
Team Sandaun all but stole the show with a collection of surprisingly competitive fights against more renowned opposition and the feature was the four wins recorded by the team.