Encouraging to see increasing number of books written, published by locals: Salika

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Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika says it is encouraging to see the increasing number of books written and published by Papua New Guineans.
“Books are very useful tools and for lawyers, books are the tools of trade,” he said. “None of us can actually cite a case from the head.
“You can remember the principles, but you might not know the exact case law that decided and expounded on that principle. That is when the books come in handy.
“You have to refer to those text books for correct citations and decisions in relation to that case.
“You cannot achieve knowledge without books and they can assist all of us with our work.”
Sir Gibbs said lawyers knew the importance of books.
“With the submissions and references in front of you will be okay, otherwise, regardless of one being a senior or brilliant lawyer, everything goes away when standing in court,” he said.
Justice Salika said judges had written many decisions so in that regards they could be called “writers”. He said he might consider compiling the decisions he made in his 30 years as a judge after he retired.
Justice Salika said as a judge, he made a lot of decisions and at times he wondered if what he was saying was the right thing or not.
“I changed the thinking of the courts and lawyers with the decisions made,” he said.
“Since then, the principles had been expounded on and expanded.
“The decisions I made had changed the way things were done.
“Many people have benefitted from those decisions.
“Until and unless you put it down in writing, nobody else would know why you made your decision.
“Put your thoughts into books.”

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