End of an era after PM’s retirement

Letters, Normal

The National – Friday, July 1, 2011

SIR Michael Somare’s enforced retirement ends a political career spanning more than 40 years.
He will be fondly remembered as Papua New Guinea’s first prime minister when the country gained Independence from Australia in 1975.
I salute him as a person and for his tenure in PNG politics, and wish him a full and speedy reco­very.
Moving forward, it is not known when a decision will be made about a permanent successor, with PNG’s parliament in recess until next month, and general election not expected until the middle of next year.
But I hope and pray that PNG’s new CEO will ensure there is stability and good governance leading into 2012 – the most important general election in our short history as a nation.
PNG is entering into a time of great promise and there are exciting times ahead, but there must be stable and good leadership to steer mv PNG forward.
We need young, vibrant and passionate leaders with the same desire that fuelled our founding leaders to push for political independence. 
We need to rekindle and revive the passion that drives real and meaningful change.
It is sad but true that the bulk of the 109 MPs has “no heart” for PNG.
They do it for their own personal gain and glory.
I need not say more, as the potholes in urban areas, the horrendous and impassable road conditions in rural areas, the rundown education and health facilities, the rise in crime and law and order, the neverending social problems, etc, are testament to the commitment our leaders have for PNG.
Voters must decide by measu­ring the tangible success of current leaders.
Do not be gullible and do the right thing.


Port Moresby