Enforce laws


WE have enough laws and policies already.
Our biggest hurdle over 45 years has been monitoring and enforcing these laws.
For example, who is there to see our logs go out daily?
Who is there to see our gas, oil and gold go out every day?
How many Chinese businesses operate five stores in different locations under one IPA license thereby evading taxes? So on so forth.
The results of these shortfalls?
Hundreds of millions of kina in lost revenue for the State.
Shortfall in revenue drives us to borrow more. More borrowing entangles us in debt traps.
The vicious cycle of poverty continues into oblivion which has been our path for 45 years.
A solution is to change the entire design of the house.
The statecraft is obsolete and requires overhaul, not just amending the mining resource laws or any single one.
Using legislative tools to employ drip and drape plastering solution to our problems is not the answer.
Changing the entire statecraft and the democratic model that is holding us in captivity would be the choice, not an option, if we are to see light at the end of the tunnel in and for the future.
Our children will curse us for our inaction today.

Cyril Gare, Via email

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