Enforce mandatory wearing of masks


I AM disappointed with how the Covid-19 was handled.
The National Pandemic Response Controller has failed to control the spread of the Covid-19, which has seen the rise in number of cases and deaths.
Why didn’t the controller allow the law enforcement agencies to enforce mandatory wearing of face masks?
We only hear the controller telling people that masks are mandatory and should be worn by everyone in public.
Papua New Guineans have an attitude problem and if you just give instructions without enforcing them, you won’t be successful in ensuring that the public follow them.
No one will listen.
To effect the instructions of wearing masks, law enforcers should ensure that masks are worn.
That has been lacking and now we have seen a rise in cases and deaths.
Where do we go from here?
Should there be another lockdown?
People are going to be hard hit by another lockdown.
Schools and businesses should be allowed to operate but wearing of masks should be mandatory.
Don’t just talk about it, enforce it.
I believe this is the best way going forward.

Concerned Citizen,