Enforce wearing of face masks policy


IT seems that the disciplinary forces enforcing the mandatory wearing of face masks at the Waigani bus stop in Port Moresby has slackened since Monday.
I noticed that the enforcers haven’t been at the bus stop before or after 8am in the past two days and PMV operators are using that as an advantage to carry more than 15 passengers.
Social distancing hasn’t been observed.
I am afraid to get on a crowded PMV bus.
I see the enforcers in the afternoons but some buses are still filled with people.
Maybe that’s because of the no-care attitude.
The “maskup” campaign is an initiative by the National Capital District Commission which is enforced under an arrangement by the disciplinary forces.
With the surge in the Covid-19 cases and high community transmission, can the NCDC step up enforcement and have enforcers man the bus stops as early as 7am so that social distancing is observed in PMV buses.
We have children at home and we don’t want to contract the virus because of buses failing to comply with the health measures.
Our health matters.
Thumbs up to the enforcers at the Unagi Oval and Manu Auto Port, they are doing a fine job.