Enga’s public servants told to resume duties

National, Normal


PUBLIC servants in Enga’s Kandep who fled their offices and homes in the recent by-election-related violence are urged to return and resume duties.
A spokesperson from the office of Kandep MP and Works, Transport and Civil Aviation Minister Don Polye said most of the public services in the district were not functioning because the public servants have gone missing.
The spokesperson who wished to remain anonymous told The National from Wabag yesterday that speculation of violence had frightened public servants to take up position and resume duties.
“There were looting and ransacking of offices, public servants houses and properties during the by-election by all parties involved in the by-election but that is a thing of the past.
“There is no violence or fighting in Kandep at the moment.
“In fact there were two separate fighting but one had stopped and the other was an isolated tribal fight
in the outback of Kandep,” he said.
He also said Enga’s acting provincial police commander Martin Lakari had already deployed a police unit from Wabag to assess the situation.
“All negative stories about violence in Kandep are from the people who have motives to disturb the million kina projects in the district,” he said, urging all public servants to return to work as normalcy has been restored.
He also brushed aside rumours that Kandep High School had yet to resume classes.
“Kandep High School starated classes a week earlier than other schools,” he said.