Enga and WHP cops blasted

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WORKS, Transport and Civil Aviation Minister Don Polye has accused certain policemen in Western Highlands and Enga provinces of attacking his political supporters.
“Policemen, as law enforcers, must not take sides with politicians or political parties and use their position to attack innocent people.
“It is not their duty to attack innocent people who supported me in the Kandep by-election last year,” he said.
Mr Polye said certain policemen in the two provinces had tarnished the image of the Royal PNG Constabulary by taking sides and attacking his supporters.
“Whatever little resources provided by the Government to the police must be put to good use to maintain law and order in the provinces that they serve. Whose interests are they serving?”
He said the majority of the policemen and women in the two provinces worked hard, upholding their code of ethics despite serving under very difficult situations such as lack of manpower and logistics.
Mr Polye called on the two provincial police commanders Supt Ambane Kaiglo (Western Highlands) and Supt Michael Chare (Enga) to look into the matter and take appropriate disciplinary actions against the policemen concerned, adding formal complaints were lodged with the two provincial police commanders.
Meanwhile, Mr Polye also appealed to his people in Kandep to stop fighting and allow development to take place.
“The people must learn to say no to criminal activities and resolve their disputes in a more civilised manner, instead of making lives difficult and miserable for themselves.”