Enga bulb onion farmers closer to securing market


A farming group cultivating bulb onions in Enga is one step closer to securing markets.
Farmers in the Lagaip/Porgera district of Enga will soon benefit from cultivating their land.
This follows trial farming of bulb onions produced outstanding results.
Chairman of Lagaip Poverty Relievers Association Danis Salapan, during the second harvest at Titai farm in Laiagam last week, said his group would supply bulb onions which to markets in the Highlands, supermarkets, catering companies around the country.
Salapan who is also rural development officer for Lagaip/Porgera, said the aim of the group was to empower and improve living standards of rural people through sustainable farming.
He said the group had ventured into vegetable farming early last year and already developed and cultivated 10 hectares of land.
Salapan said they were now trying to develop another 20ha of land to meet the demands of the market.
He said the project was designed to positively impact the lives of Laipian and Kaimuli tribesmen in the Pilikambi local level government.
Salapan said since launching the Pilikambi Poverty Mitigation Model Project last February there was overwhelming interest from communities in Lagaip.
He said the association was also embarking on a potato seed project to produce and distribute quality seeds to farmers in the Highlands and Momase regions.

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