Enga fight ends in peace plan

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The National , Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TWO former warring groups from the same clan that used sophisticated military weapons to claim nine lives have finally laid down their arms.
The fight started between Chris Akuni and Kuima Kasi, two relatives from Mamale village in the Enga’s Laiagam district on April 24 over a piece of land at Laiagam station.
Last Thursday, the two warring parties accepted the preventive orders issued by the provincial peace and good order committee and police.
Provincial police commander Martin Lakari said last Friday from Wabag the warriors wanted peace and harmony to prevail in their area.
He said Akuni slaughtered many pigs at his Yaluimanda village, near Mamale, and shared that among the relatives of those who helped him and got killed as upfront payment before the actual compensation would be paid.
He said nine people from both sides had been killed, many others seriously injured and property worth millions of kina was destroyed within a short period.
Lakari said the two former warring groups spent a substantial amount of money to buy hand grenades and high-powered weapons for use in the fight.
He said despite this, police personnel, including provincial peace and good order committee, did a tremendous job to bring the fighting under control and at last issued the preventive orders.
He said any party breaching the preventive orders would be arrested and sentence to six months in Baisu jail.
Lakari said many pro­jects initiated by the local MP in the area were affected or destroyed in fights like this.