Enga forest project waits for funding

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The National, Wednesday 22nd August 2012

THE burnt down Mapilam woodlot forest in Angi village, Wapenamanda, Enga, is still waiting for the provincial government to fulfil its commitment to help revive the project.
More than 24,000 trees on 1,200ha of land were burnt down in 2009 during the dry season.
The razing of the mature pine and gum trees shocked the people of the area.
After that, the district administration moved in and investigated the fire and finalised a report on how the blaze started and the value of the trees.
The report was presented to the Enga provincial government, which promised to revive the project.
The project needs K1 million to be completely revived.
“Since 2009, the provincial government has not been doing anything to support this project even though this will generate millions in revenue for the province,” project manager Jerry Pindao said.
He said he was waiting for the Enga provincial government to help him revive the multi-million-kina project.
“My submission and the full report was submitted to the provincial government and I have not received any response,” Pindao said.
He said if the trees had been sold, millions of kina would have been made.
“This is not my business.
“This project belongs to the people and it is a pride for the province to provide employment and generate income for the simple people,” Pindao said.
He appealed to local MP and Foreign Affairs and Immigration Minister Rimbink Pato to help the people revive the project.
He said Pato might not be aware of what had happened to the project but as the MP, his support would greatly help the people.