Enga governor salutes presidents for their work

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Council presidents have been the anchor of the Enga government and have provided the political stability for the province, Governor Sir Peter Ipatas says.
Sir Peter was speaking in his address to the provincial assembly meeting last week when he attributed Enga’s success to the council presidents.
“Many people think I made Enga to be what it is today, but I give credit to the presidents because if they had come to the assembly and asked for funds to do small things in their wards, we would have lost the big picture for the province,” he said.
“The presidents were not selfish nor had self-personal interest. They have been in the assembly since 1996, when the reforms on the provincial and local governments came into being.
“They aligned themselves with the big vision for the province. Without them I wouldn’t be there, the MPs don’t attend the assembly meetings most times; it’s the presidents that are present all the time.”
Sir Peter thanked the council presidents for their service to the province.
“I told them to go out to the elections with the peace of mind, because God knows what they have done for our people,” he said.
“I’m sure most of them will return to continue to provide the kind of stability that they have been providing. Many people undermined the capability of the uneducated people that they don’t’ play a role in development but what they don’t see that, it’s the heart.
“When their heart is in the right place with the people, they are able to make decisions for their people.
“I said we have to fix our own province ourselves. To fix our province, we must never allow personal interest to come before people’s interest.
“They were genuine leaders so they understood my statement so for 22 years we have had presidents who have provided unity and stability for the province to prosper.”

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