Enga maintains peace on Sept 16

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ENGA  was reported to have celebrated the country’s 35 years of independence peacefully.
This was confirmed over the weekend by police commander Supt Martin Lakari who  said that there was a big change  in the behaviour by people for the first time.
He said there were trouble-free activities to mark the independence anniversary celebrations.
“Enga was not like it used to be  and that the people were slowly changing their attitude to being a more mature society,” he said.
Lakari said that he was impressed with how  people in the province took part and this showed that they were slowly changing to improve Enga’s law and order standards.
He said that the independence day celebrations last week was a big event for PNG during which time his police personnel were quite busy and was pleased to receive reports that the province had a peaceful celebration.
Lakari further commended the people for maintaining law and order.
Meanwhile, Enga police have arrested two more suspects involved in the killing of senior teacher James Mond at Kompiam last month.
The teacher was shot in both legs and chopped to pieces at a roadblock.
Lakari said two suspects, Timson Waren, 25, single and Arnold Kaki, 28, married, of Kepakanda village, Kompiam district, were arrested last Wednesday.
He appealed to another seven suspects to surrender to police.
Lakari said that the suspects were also known to police and they would be hunted down if they did not surrender.