Enga opens training centre

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The National, Wednesday 30th November 2011

ENGA has a new community health worker training centre at Kungumanda in Wapenamanda.
This is the only centre in the province after the first one at Sopas was burnt down during a tribal fight.
The centre will be run and funded by the Four Square church and focus on three main areas – offer health workers training, teach God’s Word and offer midwifery courses.
Last Saturday, people witnessed the opening of the training centre.
Enga Governor Peter Ipatas joined church and community leaders at the opening ceremony.
Ipatas praised the churches for providing services in the province.
He said the Engan government would work with the church to deliver services to the people.
He said he would support the good work of the churches, which played a big role in terms of service delivery.
Ipatas said the training centre would be the only one in the province and become a pilot project.
He said the provincial government had planned to re-build a new training centre at Sopas but now that the Four Square Church had built one, he would help fund it.
Ipatas said funding for a new centre would be used to upgrade and maintain the existing centre so it could become a major asset in the province.
He said he would make sure that education became an important tool to develop the province.