Enga planning full assault against Covid-19: Ipatas

Peter Ipatas

ENGA will take serious actions starting next year against the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) in the province, Governor Sir Peter Ipatas says.
Sir Peter said one of the aims was to have the entire population vaccinated starting at the ward level and for continuous awareness on the Covid-19.
He said all assembly members and public servants in the province would be taking the lead to be vaccinated.
Sir Peter said the provincial government had allocated K1 million last year to the provincial health authority for the establishment of a new testing and isolation centre which would be opened this week.
He said all visitors to Enga would be required to have been vaccinated at all check-points.
“We must save this province from the Covid-19 and implement our policies and plans for the good of the province,” he said.
Sir Peter said much false information on the Covid-19 and the vaccines had been spread on social media and this was making it difficult for authorities to get more people vaccinated.
He called on the people not to criticise the Government on its Covid-19 response as it was doing its best.
“The Government is the authority and you must respect it and do what it says because it is for your own good,” he said.
“There is no reason for you to argue about the vaccine and raise queries about the authority of the Government.”
Sir Peter said his aim was to make sure Enga was the first province to have its entire population vaccinated.
Sir Peter asked why people did not question other injections and tablets used in hospitals in the past and why they were only complaining about the vaccine.
“People need to be vaccinated to be safe instead of believing the social media and end up losing their lives.”