Enga police action plan aims for safer community

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ENGA police have launched their 2019-20 action plans designed to achieve objectives in line with the Police Commissioner’s modernisation programme.
Provincial police commander Chief Superintendent Joseph Tondop said the plan would guide senior officers and section heads in performing their duties.
The event was held in Wabag.
“It was a small event but very important as police officers and their families took part in it,” he said.
Tondop described the action plan as a working tool to measure effective policing service partnering with stakeholders to secure a safer community.
“No police force in the world is an island operating on its own, especially in developing countries such as Papua New Guinea,” he said. “We must work together with stakeholders as partners in development. Develop good working relationship habits with them at all times based on law, trust and respect.”
He conceded that in the past six months, there had been some weaknesses affecting policing service in Enga.
“I have developed a separate action plan to address these weaknesses.” The police development project will prioritise the standard of discipline, the restoration of public confidence by improving effective policing service, identifying common incidents affecting law and order in the province, rebuilding police capacity to meet the expected outcome, promoting economic growth by providing adequate police security to commercial lease areas.