Enga police warn villagers about hiding shooting suspects

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A FATHER, his 12-year-old son, and another teenaged boy were shot dead allegedly by members of a tribe in Enga early this month.
A nine-year-old boy who was shot is being treated for injuries at the Kompiam District Hospital.
Provincial police commander Chief Supt Joseph Tondop warned the villagers of Winikos to bring the alleged killers to the police station.
“You must bring the suspects to face the law or else leaders at Winikos village must surrender themselves to police,” Tondop said.
“I’m warning you to stop aiding law-breakers in your home or community as they are dangerous to society.”
The father was shot dead on March 11. The same suspects allegedly killed the son, 12, and the 17-year-old boy on March 16.
The nine-year-old was admitted at the hospital. They are all from the Pinai tribe in Kompiam-Ambum.
Rural commander Sr Insp Epenes Nili said police had conducted a mass arrest to stop fighting between the Sambe and Yawain tribes.

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