Enga residents encouraged to grow their own crops

National, Normal

LAGAIP Poverty Relievers Association project coordinator Tony Sulupin urged the people of Enga to turn to vegetable farming for income and self-sufficiency.
“Stop resorting to crime along the roads to make ends meet,” he told a small group gathered in Wanepap village last week for their second harvest of vegetables.
“You have to put your hands into the ground to earn a living.
“Our fertile soil can be turned into millions of kina,” he said.
He said instead of sitting down and calling on the Government to “spoon feed them”, they should be self-reliant and get involved in the integrated farming programme in Laiagam.
Mr Sulupin said farmers had to work hard before they could reap the rewards.
“You have to put in some hard work and then, with the the help of nature,  you can enjoy the harvests.
“Stop waiting for Government handouts,” he said.
Mr Sulupin advised the people to use their time productively instead of wasting it on gambling and criminal activities.
“Gambling is a chronic disease in society. It damages the attitudes of the many illiterate youths.
“The Government must recognise and support community-based economic development activities to attract people to farming,” he said.