Enga, Tari leaders settle for peace

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The National – Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Engan and Tari leaders in Port Moresby have said that all ethnic clashes in the city involving the two groups should stop immediately.
In a meeting yesterday afternoon with senior police personnel and politicians, leaders of the rival groups pledged to lay down all arms and help police apprehend the people who were involved in the killings at the weekend and last week.   
Hela leader, Tom Kapo, who spoke at the gathering representing the Taris, said that this should be the last ethnic clash between the two groups and should not happen again.
“Displa kain pasin i no ken kamap ken. Mi laikim tupla sait wantaim lo gat bel isi (This should not happen again. I want both sides to have peace,” he said.
Another Hela leader, Serel Amburi, said that peace must be restored while the parties should work with police to restore normalcy in the city.
In return, the Engans said that they also did not want any further fighting as they were tired of it.
Jack Wasu, who spoke on behalf of the Engans, said that a small and isolated incident in one
particular area caused by some silly youths had turned into a big problem resulting in loss of lives.
Wasu said all fighting must cease and all the trouble makers must be handed over to the police.
The meeting was attended by Foreign Affairs Minister and Kandep MP, Don Polye, NCD Governor Powes Parkop, deputy police commissioner Fred Yakasa, deputy central governor Desmond Baira, NCD/ Central commander Fred Sheekiot and was facilitated by NCD Metropolitan Supt Fred Yakasa and his right hand man Jim Namora (superintendent operations).
Polye, who talked on behalf of the state, said that constant ethnic clashes was a national concern.
“The country will not develop if we continue to fight each other,” he said.
“The answer to peace lies in our own hands and we must not expect miracles to happen,” he added.
NCD governor Powes Parkop said the “sweet talk by the leaders from both sides must
not be lip promises but must show itself in action.”
Meanwhile, no date is set for a formal peace ceremony but the leaders from both sides
including representatives from Goilala who were present at the meeting, pledged to stop fighting and allow for normalcy and peace to return.