Enga will be better off without pride

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday October 9th, 2013

 UNDER the leadership of Governor Peter Ipatas, the Enga provincial government has invested a lot in human resource development in the province. 

And so far, there are a lot of graduates who passed out from universities and colleges who are still unemployed. 

Why not look into replacing staff past retirment age, examine the productivity of the others and replace those found wanting with fresh graduates? EPG is only opening the door for the human resources whose education it subsidises only to see them employed elsewhere.

For Enga to move forward, the administration needs to be realistic when making decisions. 

Furthermore, it is public knowledge to the people of Enga and stakeholders of the province, that the whole of the Enga provincial administration has been politicised from the top administrators to tea boys. 

As such, it seems that Enga administration does not consider the qualifications or skills a person may possess under his or her belt. It seems all they want to know is whether “you are either part of the team or out”.  

To the future leaders of Enga, we need to forget politics and treat everyone fairly.

Be strong, be true Engans at heart. 

And I believe, if one particular behaviour needs to be looked at, it is pride. 

Pride has destroyed  a lot of would-be good leaders. 


Local Boys, Via email