Engine issue stalls shipping service


MOROBE Coast Shipping Services Ltd (MCSSL) is struggling to repair the engine of Huon Gulf district vessel mv Morobe Rainforest, says operations manager Namon Mawason.
Mawason said the engine purchased and brought in from Australia was slowly being refitted and hopefully would be completed before December and operate throughout the festive period.
The company is struggling after the five districts that initially supported it – Finschhafen, Huon Gulf, Nawaeb, Tewae-Siassi and Kabwum – withdrew their funding.
Meantime, coastal communities continue to endure bad weather and sea piracy when using dinghies to travel.
The issue between management and the five MPs has people of coastal Morobe suffering.
Mawason said they were currently leasing LBC 1 from Sir Bob Sinclair, to whom MCSSL owesdhuge debts.
“Sir Bob is really angry with us,” he said.
Governor Ginson Saonu denied being briefed over the issues surrounding MCSSL, liquidation of Lutheran Shipping (Luship) and its rebirth as Lutheran Shipping Services (LSS).
Saonu said it was crucial to be fully briefed before making decisions.
“Provincial administration never advised me about LSS and MCSSL to ensure how best I can intervene to assist where possible,” he told The National.
“Shipping is one essential service to our coastal communities.”
He said MCSS Ltd no longer received support from the five districts.

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