Engineers survey government link with agencies

National, Normal

The National, Friday 21st September 2012

TWO network information engineers from Huawei Technologies were in Kimbe, West New Britain recently conducting surveys for the installation of the Integrated Government Information System.
The national government has contracted Huawei Technologies to carry out installations that will link up the national departments with all the provincial agencies.
Cabinet had selected six provinces – NCD, Eastern Highlands, East and West Sepik,  East and West New Britain – for the first phase.
The two engineers – Sean Shao and Mustafizur Rahman – have already installed the system for NCD and have been conducting surveys and getting particulars for the other five provinces before making a presentation to the government.
Shao and Rahman accompanied by Department of Communication and Information Technology IT manager John Hera were conducting their final surveys for phase one in ENB.
The government has directed that these five provinces must be hooked up before the end of December and when completed the Integrated Government Information System will link all government agencies for services such as email, file sharing and teleconferences. Under this Integrated Information System files can be accessed anywhere in PNG with the main server located in Port Moresby.