English missionary couple happy to return to PNG

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The National, Wednesday 19th of February, 2014

By Faye Mika
LEAVING behind loved ones, normal life and possessions is difficult but for missionaries, it is often the  only way to serve the Lord.
For English missionaries Joe and Heather Patrick, being selfless has become a way of life.
The Patricks have been in PNG  since the 1980s as office technicians and office translation training administrator for the Summer Institute of Linguistics in Ukarumpa, Eastern Highlands, before moving back to England in 2007.
They went back to England to work at the Wycliffe Centre but were called back in 2013 to serve as regional centre managers.
Joe Patrick said because they knew the culture and language of PNG and had a lot of friends, the call was welcoming to them.
“We are ready to go where we are needed the most, and we are happy to come back here to PNG,” he said.
He said since their arrival in the country, they noticed the huge personnel shortage in the Summer Institute of Linguistics and were thankful to be in PNG.
The roles of the regional centre managers include accommodation, managing finance and making sure that daily operations run smoothly.