Enough of fear, stand up


THE Melanesians on this side of the island of New Guinea should air our voices for our voiceless fellow Melanesian brothers and sisters in West Papua.
Papua New Guinea is the biggest Melanesian state in terms of population and its geographical size and is sharing a land boundary with Indonesia.
PNG knows what is going on and what pains these Papuans under Indonesian rule.
PNG should be the only Melanesian country to bring this matter to the world’s higher authorities such as the United Nation.
Over the past decades, the Melanesian giant has been so silent in fear of the Indonesian military.
Today is not a time where PNG should be scared of the Indonesian military.
Now is the time for the PNG government to join hands with our Melanesian neighbours, Australia and New Zealand and advocate for West Papua.
Slaughtering people in this part of the world is unseen by other people around the world.
Please enough of fear and stand up. Let the world know what is happening.
The UN is unable to solve this issue as it only serves the US.
Now that America is Indonesia’s ally, they will only talk about China’s smaller internal problems such as Hong Kong, Uyghurs and Taiwan. I as an individual think that all Melanesian countries should break our diplomatic relations with the US and Indonesia and work closely with China and Russia and establish the system of government that they have.
We need not to have good relations with countries that are slaughtering people.

Punwaip Lance D Ipne
Lai valley, SHP

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