Enuma among six officers promoted

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The National, Monday 06th Febuary 2012

HARD work, dedication and discipline has paid off for six senior officers of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force who have been promoted.
Walter Enuma, Otto Pandum, Gilbert Toropo, Raymond Numa and Joseph Ben, who were previously lieutenant-colonels, are now colonels while commander (navy) Thomas Raivet is now a captain.
Deputy Prime Minis­ter Belden Namah, who attended the occasion last Friday, urged the promoted officers to serve the government, State and people with loyalty and distinction.
“It is important for the defence force to be stabilised given these appointments. The event of Jan 26 has taught us a lesson,” he said.
Namah said the mutineers of Jan 26, were given amnesty by the State but any soldier who wished to do “something stupid” after that would be dealt with appropriately. 
“We have a chain of command in the army. Soldiers must follow this to express their grievan­ces,” he said.
Force commander Brig-Gen Francis Agwi thanked the families of the promoted officers for putting up with them in good and bad times.
Aside from their ranks, Enuma was appointed as chief of operations, Pandum as defence attaché (Indonesia), Toropo as joint forces commander, Numa as training commander, Ben as chief of logistics and Raivet as chief of intelligence.
Three other officers, including one female were promoted to majors in the same ceremony.
They were Jimmy Dageyagl, Philip Koya, Linus Krewanty and Jacqueline Lilih.