Envoy gives K30,000 to school

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 15th November 2011

A PRIMARY school in the Raicoast district, Madang, will benefit from a K30,000 donation from Chinese Ambassador Qiu Bohua.
The funding to Bivi Primary School was made last week during the official launch of the K25 million Usino junction to Yamagi road construction.
Qiu was accompanied by Madang Governor James Gau.
He said the K30,000 was in appreciation of the near-commissioning of the Ramu nickel mine project early next year. He also thanked Gau for his help in allowing the project to continue.
While thanking Qiu for the K30,000, Gau also expressed appreciation to the Chinese government and its people for their help in funding road projects throughout Papua New Guinea.
“The school will buy much-needed materials to help educate our students of Raicoast,” Gau said.
“I believe in the K1.8 billion Ramu NiCo project, the biggest in the southern hemisphere.”
He said the DSTP issue had dragged on but thanked the Chinese government for bearing with it.
“By next month or January, we will witness the first production of the Ramu NiCo mine,” Gau said.