Envoy visits remote parish

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FRENCH ambassador Philippe Janvier-Kamiyama spent two nights among the Fuyuge language speakers during a reconciliation ceremony in the mountains of Central last week.
He was moved by the two-day ceremony relating to French priest Fr Jules Dubey’s death at the Ononge Catholic Parish.
Janvier-Kamiyama vowed to set up a Fr Jules Foundation in France with his relatives to strengthen relationship between French people and the Fuyuge-speaking people in the Goilala district.
“I’m happy for the invitation by the Goilala MP William Samb and Fr Jules reconciliation committee to come here,” he said.
Janvier-Kamiyama said it was good for foreign missions to visit remote people.
“The work of a diplomat is not only to stay in his office in Port Moresby and go to Waigani for diplomatic meetings with government officials but also visit remote areas and meet the people to understand their issues,” he said.
“If you stay in Port Moresby, you won’t know about the people.
“And I hope that French people will partner in this district’s development.
“In France, with late Fr Jules’ family, we will start a sister foundation.
“We hope to raise some funds and find solutions because more than one century (since 1884) of the first arrival of French Catholic priests in Bereina Dioceses, your roads are not good.
“You face challenges in accessing health, education and other government services, including economical activities.
“But you are a very courageous, committed and strong people.”


  • Good to have the France Ambassador at Ononge for the reconciliation event.
    And interesting to note that he has made some positive points.

    Thank you Hon. Samb for such an initiative.

  • Going through this reconciliation & repentance process must be done deep enough, so you can see light on the other side, deeper it is , greater impact the Lord will have upon our lives…

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