Epidemic creates avenue for local farmers to fill vacuum


THE coronavirus pandemic affecting global markets could provide Papua New Guinea with an advantage in the area of its agriculture exports with a potential for prices to increase, says an MP.
Kundiawa-Gembogl MP William Onglo said this yesterday when asked about the impact of Covid–19 on the country with regard to agriculture.
He said the coronavirus posed a big problem for the world but it could create price hikes and demand for the country’s agricultural products.
“When you look at China, Australia and New Zealand and all these countries where we normally import from, they are bombarded with the coronavirus now,” Onglo said.
He said the global pandemic could also see a reduction in imports and thereby allow local producers to benefit.
Onglo said the country’s vegetable and agricultural production would need to increase to cater for any possible shortfalls from overseas suppliers.
City Pharmacy Ltd managing director Mahesh Patel agreed with Onglo saying there would be pressure on local farmers to actually grow.
When The National asked if the virus was having any impact on the company’s imports of produce, Patel said: “Not yet because for the produce and things, we are trying to shift as much locally as possible.
“We might run out on some fancy stuff which is out of Australia or New Zealand, but some we get locally so there will be pressure on the farmers .”

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  • Time to grow local, buy local and eat local for stronger immunity against diseases.

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