Equip our police force


I AGREE with your editorial this week that policing in Papua New Guinea is made more difficult by inadequate funding from the state.
This has been an ongoing problem with the force lagging behind its neighbours in many areas of police proficiency.
Understaffed and underequipped, our policemen and women are expected to keep peace and maintain law and order.
In most cases, Police are on a shoe string budget and with insufficient numbers to properly cover the size of their precincts.
Let us give our police the tools (this includes better training and recruitment) and the support to do their job and carry out their duties in a professional and competent manner.
The cream of leaders in the force today should be supported by the Government and the people. Let us work together for a better PNG.

Police supporter,

One thought on “Equip our police force

  • Vote Mr Kimisopa back because he is the only person who is fit to be Minister of Police. During his reign he had initiated also of development issue which are in His recommendation for the betterment of the Police Force. Some of these recommendations are yet to be implemented and members are still waiting to see those changes.

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