Erema top Southern leg


EREMA FC topped the Southern Conference National Premier League Champions league with two wins and a draw.
In their first match the David Aua-coached side beat Admiralty FC 2-1 on Friday, then defeated Hekari United FC 2-1 on Saturday and yesterday they were held to a 1-all draw against Amoana FC.
Hekari United finished second with two big wins over Amoana FC 7-0 and Admiralty FC 7-1 but lost to Erema.
“It’s a big achievement for the club, we brought these boys together in a space of five weeks and it’s a new team with a new management and these boys have put their hands up to be a soccer team,” Erema FC coach David Aua said.
“This is a result of hard work in training in the mornings and afternoons and it has all paid off.
“We did well against Admiralty and Hekari but I think fatigue grew amongst the players and we were held to a draw against Amoana.
“When you beat a team like Hekari which is quality soccer team in the country you tend to build confidence but then again we will have to work a lot harder when we take on the champions of the Northern Conference which is Morobe United,” Aua said.
Erema FC will now face Morobe United FC in the inter-conference for the ultimate prize while Hekari United FC and Markham FC will go head-to-head for the third and fourth place challenge.
Results: Hekari United FC 7 Amoana FC 0, Erema Gulf FC 2 Admiralty FC 1, Erema Gulf FC 2 Hekari United FC 1, Admiralty FC 4 Amoana FC 1, Amoana FC 1 Erema Gulf FC 1, Hekari United FC 7 Admiralty FC 1.

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