Erewan staff to get a pay rise

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EMPLOYEES on mv Erewan, under the Papua New Guinea Maritime and Transport Workers Union, will expect an increase in their wages by 15% over a two-year period with a 7.5% increase also in their overtime allowances.
The claims that were brought forward early this year in March finally came to an agreement last Tuesday with the following agreements:
* A two-year agreement; 
* Wages increase of 7.5% in the first year and again 7.5% in the second year amounting to 15% wage increase over two years; 
* Overtime allowances increased by 7.5% over two years; 
* Terminal and all other allowances increased by 7.5% over two years; and
* Retrospective payment to March 1, 2009.
The union’s assistant general secretary John Douglas Gadebo told The National that the agreement was reached between the Employers Federation on behalf of its member company Steamships Coastal Shipping and the union when the current one from 2007 and 2008 lapsed last February.
“We put in a new lodge of claim when the current one (2007 and 2008) lapsed this year in February and we are pleased with the agreement now with the 7.5% increases,” he said.
 The vessel is used as a copper storage terminal for copper transfer from Ok Tedi will now have a happy 30 employees on board once the agreement is signed this week.
 “The union members are satisfied and are looking forward to receiving the new increases and seven months backpay by the end of the month,” Mr Gadebo said.
Previously, employees were paid a monthly allowance of K487.87 and overtime allowance of K883.09, with a total at K1,370.96 monthly for the able cement workers.
He gave this example and said that now with the increase this would at least “ease the burden a little bit” with the prices of goods and standard of living high in the country.
“It is very satisfying to have increases like this which is much better than nothing,” Mr Gadebo said.