Erima residents to enjoy sports facilities

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THE community at Erima suburb in the National Capital District yesterday held a warm reception for the official opening of newly developed sports facilities developed under the sports and recreational initiative by the NCD Governor Powes Parkop.
The sports facilities include  basketball, volleyball and netball courts which cost the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) around K240,000 to construct.
The programme of developing such facilities around the city follows a successful project initiated in NCD’s Gerehu suburb last year.
With the interest and need for emphasising suburban games and recreational parks, Parkop committed K2 million to establish these facilities in various suburbs in the city.
He will be sitting with NCD ward councillors to discuss probable venues to further NCDC’s vision of encouraging and developing physical, mental and healthy living and make the city an enjoyable place for children to grow up in.
Parkop said that it was only proper for the opening yesterday to fall in line with the World Health Day which was launched on Wednesday.
“We are trying to make sports available for all right down to the suburbs so that more people can enjoy and develop their skills,” he said.
“We need these facilities as cities are not only about work, business and study; we need the facilities to make the city enjoyable,” Parkop said.
Deputy city manager for health and social services Honk Kiap also said that the facilities would bring about change and would be a place to promote discipline and change the mentality of people.
The ward councillors of Moresby Northeast and the suburban coordinators of the electorate have been using the facilities and have successfully held their Easter games with the cup playoffs set for this weekend.