Errors made in teachers’ postings


THIS year’s teachers’ postings in Morobe have errors and I wonder if teachers realise it.
There were duplicates in teachers’ names with the same teacher having his or her name appear in two schools.
There is a school that I have been teaching for the last three years with the same list of teachers.
From the 10 teachers, only four of us served there and the other six were not. Their names still appear on the posting, which means they somehow resumed and were actively getting paid.
I wonder if those responsible really did their job competently.
I believe that teachers who applied for advertised vacancies in the Education Gazette Volume 41 have not been successful.
Most of these teachers were put back to the same school they were in. Even with written interest letters and attached documents and reasons stated in the application forms, they all just went in vain without thorough considerations.
I ask if the responsible authority is honestly going through individual applications before finalising the list.
We teachers spent our precious time that we were supposed to have spent in the classroom, just to fill these forms but without effective end results for some of us.
Be honest and competent in your duty without favour or under-the-table dealings.
Our actions can cost us our work if we fail to be fair and honest.

Mangi Arowe