Escapee arrested carrying marijuana


A MAN who had escaped from the police station in Madang was arrested yesterday, carrying about 10 kilogrammes of marijuana.
Madang police commander Acting Supt Mazuc Rubiang said the man was picked up at the Banana Block outside Madang after police received a tip-off that he was carrying a big quantity of drugs.
When he heard police officers arriving, he climbed to the roof of the house to hide.
Police officers who searched the house knew the man had been there moments earlier because the smell of marijuana was still fresh.
One of them climbed up a nearby tree to look at the rooftop.
“(He saw) the man lying on the roof with the marijuana,” Rubiang said.
Police took him to the police station where he was charged and detained.
Rubiang said they were working hard to stop the smuggling, selling and buying of drugs in the highlands provinces.
He is hoping that the police dog unit can help them.
In other incidents, a man was killed at Miss Village on Tuesday night.
Another man died in a road accident along North Coast Road at Mirap Village.
He also said the victims of a sea piracy incident were robbed and chased out of their boat at Tabali Point.
The skipper who was rescued said a Sepik man and five from Raicoast were still missing.